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Tablet users rejoice: Samsung Internet beta update delivers long-awaited features

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Samsung takes the lead with its own browser for Galaxy users! But, what about tablet users? Fear not, as Samsung unveils the latest beta update of Samsung Internet, with brand new features specially designed to enhance tablet usability. From better performance to smoother browsing, Samsung Internet has got you covered, making it the ultimate browser for Galaxy devices.

Samsung Internet 21.0 beta update brings in a host of new features for a seamless browsing experience! The latest update finally grants tablet users the ability to move the address, bookmarks and tab bars to the bottom of the screen, just like on smartphones. Samsung has also made sure to update the Chromium engine to version 110, guaranteeing improved performance and greater stability. Say goodbye to awkward reaches and hello to effortless browsing with the new Samsung Internet beta.

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Samsung Internet takes browsing to the next level with its new update! The latest version brings in a significant modification for users who love to keep multiple tabs open. Say goodbye to the frustration of losing an important tab, as Samsung Internet notifies users with a prompt when 98 tabs are open and again at the 99th tab. Trying to open the 100th tab now automatically closes the oldest one, but don’t worry, Samsung Internet still gives you a chance to reopen the closed tab with a simple click. This is a major improvement from the previous behavior, where the oldest tab would be lost forever once the limit was crossed.

Samsung Internet is gearing up for a massive upgrade with the latest beta release! Enrolled beta channel users are in for a treat, as Samsung has unleashed the 21.0 beta version with exciting new features. The wait is over as you can now easily download the beta version from either the Google Play Store or Samsung’s Galaxy Store. Be sure not to miss out on the action, as Samsung Internet is all set to make browsing a whole lot better.

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