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Apple’s Upcoming Headset to Feature Magnetic Connector for Battery Pack Attachment and USB-C Port for Data Transfer, According to Mark Gurman

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Mark Gurman, a trusted source for Apple-related leaks and rumors, has recently shared some interesting details about the upcoming Apple AR/VR headset in his Power On Newsletter for Bloomberg. According to Gurman, the highly-anticipated headset is set to feature a sleek and unique design, with two ports – a USB-C port for data transfer and a proprietary magnetic port to attach an external battery pack that provides approximately two hours of battery life.

It’s worth noting that the external battery pack is an essential component of the headset’s operation. Without it, the headset won’t function. However, the use of an external battery pack allows for a lighter and more comfortable headset design. Although, users will need to carry multiple battery packs on their person for longer augmented reality sessions.

The external battery pack reportedly resembles the MagSafe Battery Pack in size and shape, making it portable and easy to use. It’s said to attach to the headset via a proprietary magnetic connector, which not only secures the battery pack in place but also prevents it from falling out during use. Gurman also notes that the magnetic port and cable are a single piece, which adds to the sleek design and ease of use.

In terms of the headset’s other features, Gurman reports that it’s expected to be made of premium materials, such as glass and carbon fiber, and will be powered by Apple’s M2 chip. The headset is also rumored to have two 4K displays, one for each eye, and include approximately a dozen sensors and cameras to enable fine-grained hand gesture and eye tracking.

As for the device’s potential retail name, trademark filings suggest that it may be called ‘Apple Reality Pro’. Gurman also mentions that more affordable versions of the device are already reportedly in development, indicating that Apple may have plans to appeal to a wider audience in the future.

All signs point to an official announcement of the device at Apple’s annual developer conference on June 5th, which is highly anticipated by tech enthusiasts and Apple fans alike.

To sum up, the upcoming Apple AR/VR headset is one of the most highly anticipated tech releases of the year.

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