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Your iPhone can now be connected to a computer running Windows 11.

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iPhone owners were excluded from the fun when Microsoft’s Phone Link first launched. But today, you can easily get your Windows PC and iPhone to communicate with one another.

As announced in February, Phone Link will support both iOS and Android smartphones starting in May. By connecting their phones to their computers, Windows 11 users may read messages, calls, notifications, and contacts without ever having to touch their phones. Users can continue to be informed of their activity even when their phone is charging or out of reach. The deployment will be gradual, with some customers receiving it right away and everyone by the middle of May.


Even though Microsoft now provides iOS support for Phone Link, it’s crucial to remember that it is less feature-rich than the Android version. Due to restrictions imposed by Apple, messaging is limited to text-only, and capabilities like sending images, videos, or taking part in group conversations are not possible. A Mac might be required to fully integrate an iPhone with a Windows device. Even so, the addition of iOS functionality is still a noteworthy advancement that goes a long way towards bridging the gap between the two platforms, especially for people who possess both an iPhone and a Windows computer.

Watch for the launch of this feature on your PC; it will require iOS 14 or a later version on your iPhone to operate properly.

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